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Serie om Krystaller og Krystallhealing i 4 deler - fra The Spirit Science


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Spirit Science 13_1 – Crystals


Crystals have been absolutely wonderful in my own spiritual growth,

as well as many, many people all around the world for thousands of years.

I think its very important that we start using them in this time of need to raise the vibrations of the planet!

Crystals are just flat out awesome, and I just wanted to share that knowledge with everyone!


Written by Jordan Duchnycz and Teal Scott

Spirit Science 13_2 - Crystal Uses


This week, we dive into what crystals are good for.

Last week we learned about what Crystals are, but there are so many things you can do with them!

Hopefully this video will provide some insight onto the many uses of crystals!

Also, don’t forget to jump on into the Spirit Science forums and discuss not just crystals,

but all topics spiritual, scientific, esoteric, metaphysical or even occult www.thespiritscience.net/forum

Personal Experience and Experimentation
Love is in the Earth
The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall


Spirit Science 13_3 - Crystal Types 


This week, we discuss the many different types of Crystals!

There are so many shapes and forms and types of crystals, it would be foolish to NOT discuss them!

So here we are, and here we go! Enjoy!

Written by Jordan Duchnycz

Love is in the Earth

The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall

Awesome Crystal Property Sites


Spirit Science 13_4 - Crystal Finale


Welcome to the final episode about crystals!
This weeks lesson is split into 2 parts! First, we discuss Orgonite and Tower busting,
Orgonite is pretty awesome and you can do a lot of good by moving it around!
Then, we thought it would be beneficial to talk about what else we can do with crystals,
as it seems very important to start moving them around right now.
Crystals are very powerful, and they will have a massive influence on our evolution and growth
if we put our energy into bringing these high frequencies into our lives!

Written and Compiled by Jordan
Starring Patchman, The Atlantis king and LionPatch

Sources -
Trey's article about orgonite - www.tinyurl.com/7wpqf29

Music -
Inspiration by Tilkanauts
Fragile State - Panacea
It's not what you think - Fainted Paces